New Album!

Hey yall-

I have been in Denver since coming down from a stint of service in the north last winter. When I was leaving there I was telling people I was going to Denver to record an album and get my pursuits totally in check. Strange how things happen when I address the situations life puts in front of me.

Then somehow I did it.

So I recorded an album that I am calling ‘Acrylic Clouds‘. It is an album of memories, which I sometimes think of as paintings. I am not so sure about you, but my memories are very likely not the FACT, but they are beautiful and serve a purpose as far as showing at least a gestalt of actual events.  These songs are a collection of my remembrance of events and thoughts.  Download it! It is free if you want it to be. Pay as you wish. Tell your friends.

Anywhay, coming into another winter. I am feeling healthy as I finish recovering from some tooth trauma and get back to the climbing and running. Training for that zombie apocalypse. Training so I can have fun until then.

I have rented a studio space out of the Boxcar Gallery on Santa Fe in Denver, and spend many hours tinkering and booking. I am itchy, and want to show my work. I want to share, and I am not sure if that happens this winter, or if it happens in the spring. It’s always spring right?

There will be merch up on the bandcamp soon. Vinyl and books and tshirts and posters. Soon as I can afford to print ’em!

I am finding life interesting and rewarding. I am all in.

Love you.

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