The onset of autumn

Been a while since I posted. I am in Washington on the east side of the mountains. Living on a nice little sparse property up theighway from town. I ride a bicycle everywhere and that has kept me strong and out of trouble….hard to ride the bike uphill next to the highway after a night of drinking ( I assume this, never even tried it).

I’ve been working a lot, and playing music and making art, selling books. I like it here, people are real and everyone wears their passion in their body shape: the climbers got big backs, skiers have big asses and thighs. There is passion dripping in every conversation. 

My brother is meeting me here and we will move down the coast following fall geese and harvest. I am in a flow following wherever comes next. 

If you haven’t caught the drift, I didn’t attend the school program I was slated to join… It didn’t feel right. I got other things I’m planning, things I feel will be a better fit. As of now, I don’t got much more to say. 

Love yas dearly.

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