So It is springtime again, warmer and more wet than the winter I can remember having just passed through. I have noticed myself to be very active when it is sunny and much less so under grey sky. Not trying to fight this, but I have a suspicion that internetty things are good to do on the rainy day. So here we are!

I have been making many books and some commission work, as well as writing a lot and painting almost daily. It feels really nice. I am breaking out (or into) my creative self and there is much introspection that I think would be far too repetitive and boring for anyone to read, but it is happening.

I went to Phoenixville and sold my wares to the folks there. It was a really nice handcraft and antique fair with many beautiful dogs and their owners walking around. Made for great people watching. I got to talk to other bibliophiles, and met a very kind soul in a baker at the next booth over. We watched the quietest toddler meltdown ever. She just lazily laid herself upon the street and slowly pumped her legs and arms about halfheartedly resting her face right on the street. Parents just stood talking, allowing this to fizzle it’s self out. That was until the kid jumped to her feet and sprinted fast down the road. I still don’t know if the limp freak-out was just a distraction for the actual escape.

I am working on some new things, and maybe putting together a bit of travelling around, but who knows?

I suppose what I am really going through is that it is all working so well. So well, in fact, that I don’t yet know how to deal with it! I have (I suspect it’s fairly usual) been in my way for a long time, but no longer. I am slated to go to school in August. Between now and then, I have a whole mess of things I want to work on.

I suppose what I am trying to write about is this: there is a limit to how unproductive one can be, it is a sort of doing nothing, passing time. I am not sure that there is a cap on how productive one can be, as I am ramping up all the time and am nowhere near too busy yet.

I hope to be more on top of this blog and site, and will be posting more books, music and art today.

Love to you and yours.

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