The last 3000 miles

Writing letters, finishing drawings, singing. Packing. Letting stress hang out. Don’t fight it, it’ll get stronger.

Onto a train Monday. I always feel a bit stressed when I pull all my worldly possessions together, pare them down and still feel the drawn and quartered feeling of having too much stuff and needing to keep some.

It is not an option to leave my books behind, so many thoughtful hours into the making…. But wait, the goal of finishing them is finished… So I want to keep them because they are worth money to someone… Someone else will want to write in them…

These arguments go round and round. I need this, I never needed it. The computer? Makes it more “convenient” to do things, I record music and edit video. I can do this on my phone now, but carpal tunnel is real! So I keep it.

The paper, the drawings… Cheaper to buy new than ship..but that’s wasteful. Same with the leather which along with most clothes, will go to a thrift shop.

And now I am sitting with not much stuff, and trying so hard to stick with my decisions. Don’t pull that out of the donate to trade it with a keeper. Leave it.

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