Nearing some sort of boundary

To start, I have to get my computer updated. I have many books in tow, and they are moving faster than I am making them. Holidays and whatnot, feel free to email me with custom orders or order one of these off this post. Many of the vegan books are still available, and can be viewed here in this previous post..
A whirlwind three months or more without service between two separate farms in California and Oregon. So much work to be done on this planet. I had pretty much no time for anything but my personal practice and other people’s work, which I am thankful for.
But now. Now is for me and my work. I am learning about boundaries. Setting them and holding them strong. Focus in a single line toward what I need to bring. I am not sure where I am going to do this stuff, but there is so much in the works. My head is feeling quite clear, though I am trying my best to (at the same time) let things unfold as they must while staying a bit within what the other part of me calls control. Follow and lead. What is the difference anywho? I aint found it yet.
I have found that there is an amount I am willing to put off my own needs and wants in order to serve the higher purpose. I am able to focus and create with some money, which means maybe putting it off a bit to get some flow in the coffers made sense. I found also that once I reach that limit, I have already passed it. Frustration. Hmm. What is that? In short, I don’t get it. I think it comes from a feeling of loss of control. I think the way I live my life inherently relinquishes a lot of control. So what is the frustration in this aside from an oxymoron?
I have read that the feelings we come across are a sort of logic that the soul uses. My mind knows some money in the bank makes creating more relaxed. My soul seems to know that it doesn’t give a damn about money, and wants only to be creating. So an impasse, maybe. I am not sure.
In other news, I am headed to Seattle this weekend, then back to the Sierra’s only to head south to Quartzite, AZ. There I will have three weeks without anyone that I know. Some sort of Walden desert RV thing or something like that. Hard to say.
Between now and then, I got my work cut out for me, and I gotta figure out what to do after that! Shoots!
From the pendulum of self work and community work, somewhere in the middle where the real magic happens….I send you love and hope this finds you well. 


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