The little books!

I have finally gotten to a place where I can get the little books up.  My fancy new phone is not my favorite to update my site, or my etsy. Small screens and not exactly full applications… My fancy, not so new computer has been all but outmoded, and dropbox has moved on from my OS, so I had tons of nearly solid excuses.

But here are photos of my current stock of smaller books. I am starting to make some REAL small books for a friend that is into miniatures, so I will show them here, and they could be for sale as well…depending.

The place I have been staying at here in California is continuing to be a fantastic place to be. Yoga everyday, usually sunrise and sunset. Lots of fun use of body and mind and soul. Art and music for every occasion. We have been building and digging ditches and I just started a large staircase down to the watercolor class table. Ill post some photos when I get somewhere on it. Having a great time, anywho. Got some real blooming happening, and the whole trip has already been worth it…

I say “trip,” but those seem to end. I have decided not to drive back to Philadelphia, and to stay in California for some time. I will be flying back and forth from coast to coast at least twice between now and fall. Folks be getting married all over the place. Nuff to make a guy think he should have been working on getting married…well, almost.

Anywho: here are photos of the  books. They will be on etsy this evening. I will not get up from where I am til they are done.

Big love to you all.

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