Ever Fall in Love?

I fall in love a bunch. Sometimes, no one even notices it happen. Not I, nor the other, or I. I really enjoy the innocent movies that can play in our brain, that make the heart flutter and eyes tear just a little. A new part of this experience, for me, is just watching it all go by. I am here to interact with these wonderful feelings and happenings, not chase them. I am here to see and experience what is happening, not what I think I want to be happening.

So here is a poem I wrote a while ago. I think I only just figured out what it means. For now.

Please feel free to read with giggles, if you think you might enjoy it.

The sand of this hourglass would cover me and smother me,
but I stood up, dusted it off, and below, it supports me.

So I gave her a bird feather during all the stormy weather
Because her beauty should be noted.
I notice, realize, and understand that I do not yet know her
But that doesn’t seem to matter anymore
Because when she smiles, I want to see her soar.

And I feel, taste, hear the colors placed perfect
upon her cheeks, her shoulders, and the sways of her dresses.
And I do believe there is a difference between being true and truthful.
OH! and a kiss?

A kiss can mean much more than two sets of lips brushing
before you close the door after a long good night
and these feelings?

These feelings are paint peeling.
They are a drunkard newly sober.
They are tomorrow.
They can be each memory based thing we do, or say.
What would I have to do to see you dance?

I already love those boots and those pants.
Let’s just work together, 
rid ourselves of all of our should’s
all of our cant’s.

We will live beneath the sea, 
but near the mountains.
Just you and me!
We will drink from shimmering moon fountains.

All I am saying, is that being free is sometimes a lonely thing to be
but the thought of you talking, praying, singing, humming,
It is pure beauty. Not something I need, 
Something that makes earth feel just that much more complete.
One more reason for each of these heartbeats.

And yes…The thought of your breath on my neck
Makes me a child. Innocent new and excited.
And nowadays, few things make me nervous,
But the thought of you shirted, or shirtless
Pops the braids of my spine, unravels my soul.
Innocent, new, excited.

I have no intentions, as I already love you
but maybe not in the way of “I do”,
not yet, I’ve tried that before and
I didn’t care for the sorrows, regrets, having to say or hear 
“I don’t love you anymore”
But I do think I will always remember that day we first met.

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