From the left-hand side of the USA

I am sitting inside the Hoo’s Blue RV. Recently, I flew out to Florida from Boulder to drive this RV back to Shell and Jo-Nathan.  I met Shello years ago in San Francisco. Whoa, have I gotten to know this creature!?

So the handicapple red is parked on top of a great spot in the foothills of Yosemite. It is very dry here. not totally barefoot country. Too pointy and stabby dry stuff. The property is amazing. We are spending our time getting creative. There is an INCREDIBLE team of total chefs out here, keeping me wonderfully filled with great food. The caretaker here is an artistic explosion of life. Buildings are almost entirely made of shipping containers and Rvs. A beautiful place.

The two festivals went well, and I had fun at both of them. Spreading the books around well. Meeting fantastic, clean humans. Righteous folk. Falling in love over and over, leaving it right there in the moment…no attatchment.

So here is a photo journey of the place I am living. The place that is home. Our earth. Love you.

One thought on “From the left-hand side of the USA

  1. sue says:

    Joe your pictures are awesome. I think it’s great that you are able to live and learn this way what a great adventure. Can’t wait to see you and Paul at the wedding !!

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