Into the south by way of snowstorm 

It was snowing in beloved Philadelphia… But we made our way down to Baltimore and hooked a right. We bypassed DC, made our way south to Shenandoah where it was very cold. Next day we made it to Asheville where Jackie made us feel right at home. From there we moved onto Nantahala, which was absolutely crawling with the River rats and through hikers on their way north.

Leonora  showed us right away how she had been living, we had some really good dinner and some good breakfast and some walking then did some checking under the hood because there was some green stuff where maybe it shouldn’t be. Turns out everything is fine, but I don’t know where the green stuff came from.

Night camping at raccoon Mountain, then into the insanity of Nashville hot chicken land. Spent two days there, then moved on to Memphis, where I dictate this. Feeling pretty good, we are all getting along very well. Playing a lot of music doing a lot of yoga making a lot of books and some friends. There’s been really good music down here in the south so far, really looking forward to New Orleans in two days.  It’s supposed to be a little cold, and maybe even thunderstorm. That won’t stop us. We will camp. Here are some pictures of my books as adorned by Jackie Maloney. Love from the road

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