Out of the snow.

I woke, put some coffee through the hole in my face, and out the door forgetting nothing (except for the new owner’s card of the van). I did this before the sun rose. I drove through the ever-present traffic of Philadelphia I-95. Got to south philly right on schedule. Some bank business for John and Jess, and we were off with our last WAWA coffee of the next few months.

So we drove south, and it snowed. I vowed to not stop for anything not imperative (Poop or gasoline) until we had made it far enough south to be out of snow. We were headed toward the equinox, and I was not having the idea of camping in snow. So we made it to Shenandoa Valley, where it was cold but not snowy. Made a fire, ate some food, went to sleep.

Anywho, I hear it snowed six inches up there. Something to be said of timing, I suppose. When it is time to go, go. No hesitation. So we skipped DC, the Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway were both shut due to ice and wintery ephemera. Asheville was VERY kind to us. As always, Thank you Jackie and the whole of your community. I spent two days basking in warm sunlight, dunking in cold water, and soaking the smiling folks in. It is a good cleansing to see comfortable happy people. A layer of city hard cynicism came off. For sure.

I am sitting now in Nantahala National Forest. It is gorgeous. Like in a Gorge. We will drive later for Chatanooga. Hoping for some choo-choo. Then two days in Nashville. I plan to make a lot more progress on covering books there.

Oh, and Jackie did up some covers for me! I will post the photos from Nashtown Tennessee.


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