I am surrounded by large piles of paper, torn and folded. Sewing blocks together now. I will say that doing a large series in a short time is easy to get lost in. It is easy to forget what I am doing. It is easy to feel real silly.
BUT! I am doing it, and I hope a lot of people get a place to put their thoughts and creativity into action. 700×16. Thats how many pieces of paper I am surrounded by. big number. 11200 or so. give or take. not fully sure. I have lost the hair on my right hand’s second section from folding, now they are taped so to keep blisters from fully forming.
My shoulder had totally given up on me, and stretching, swimming, yoga and climbing started to make it worse. I got a massage yesterday and it cured me. Best massage I have ever had. If you are in Philly, check out Missy Meyers Massage! She works out of a studio on Girard, and clearly a miracle worker.

I am feeling good, how are you feeling? This winter is holding on, and didn’t really even start ’til they pulled that whistle pig out of the cage. He hit it on the head with his silent prediction. Ask Bostonians. Those folk were jumping out of windows. On the second floor. Woof. That is cabin fever.

I feel I have used this winter well. Got in shape, eating clean. Focusing a bunch of time on breath. Learning to pray, whatever that means to me. Much less scary and guilt ridden than I had previously thought. Not totally convinced there is a separate entity listening, not totally convinced there isn’t. Rather, I don’t think it much matters. Sitting with(out) thought is nice to me.

So, Have fun. Take your time and keep some space for connecting with yourself. It pays of in spades. There are no excuses that I can convince myself of. Excuses are for other people, and they are baloney anyhow.

I am clueless and scared, but that really has nothing to do with anything.

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