Episode 1 – Joe Kirby sings in Philadelphia

John and Jess. Get ready to move west again.

Alt Fanclub.com

Hi everyone, welcome to the first episode of PHL2SEA…

(Cue loud whooping excited noises, semi naked dancers and whipped cream. And sprinkles.)

(Extra sprinkles.)

We wanted to have a practice run before we’re out on the road, stalking musicians we don’t know, and who better to start with than our wonderful traveling companion to be, and all round good egg, Joe Kirby.

As well as being a big ginger hippy, Kirby plays a mean guitar, sings like a drunken angel and writes beautiful songs. There’s a really cool story behind how we met, involving wine, California, and a mutual interest in recording the activities of the patrons of the nearby porno shop for comedy value. We won’t bore you with the details here, so sit back and enjoy.

This session was recorded in the very warm and lovely living room of our glorious friends Rob and Donna. A huge…

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