WORK! (numbertwo)

Listening to podcasts to learn spanish. Don’t know if it is or will work, but I can roll r’s now. Turns out maybe that is not genetic in nature. No excuses. Roberto perro Puertorriquenos burro etc.
Erre con erre cigarro,
erre con erre barril.
Rápido corren los carros,
detrás del ferrocarril.
or something like that.

Working diligently through piles of books. A mile of threads and leather piles. It hit me this morning how entirely surprised I am with my decisions. I am making this up as I go. I have power, even? Doing whatever I want seems to work. Not trying to pat myself on the back, rather, I am actually surprised at the scope of my current endeavors. Lots of balls juggling in the air, catching them just before the ground. Climb, swim.

I meet my personal trainer today, hoping to get some ideas and techniques to make myself stronger. This lady is a “twin” same damn birthday. Gotta be a good sign.

Tomorrow paper is on sale! Going to spend a lot of money on that flat stuff. I am just about one quarter into the amount of books I want to have done, and about a month to do the rest in. Focus is becoming more of a part of my every day nature.
It seems if I want to know more about my self, all I need do is pick a mountain and scale it. The focus needed to accomplish this sort of thing is self-regulating and it seems the addressing of patterns of thought and actions is implied. So, let’s all address our skipping record habits. I have found it incredibly empowering to get the hell out of my own way and do something.

Grow a beard, cut it off. Whatever I need to do. Make myself who I want to be. Do what I want to be. Become my actions. Live in a smile. I am practicing. with. each. breath…and be easy, it doesn’t happen all at once. There exists no switch.

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