I am working on lots and lots of things! No time is wasted time. We cannot kill time. We can use it how we want, and interact with the numbers of a watch how we choose. So I am making books and art. I joined the climbing gym here in Philadelphia, climb one day, swim the other. Yoga every day. Getting strong and stretchy. Hard at work, soft at rest. Finding my breath, my voice. Shining upon myself.
I have figured this out: if I want to stop one cycle, you must start another…If I want to start something, I must stop another.
Sitting quietly on purpose for it’s own sake keeps me from the cigarettes. I have found I can choose to let the negative doubt guilt thought train roll on by, but I cannot stop it. So I watch it pass, and smile counting the cars.
Many new thought patterns.
Choose, Build, Live.
I am not headed toward or away from anything, just living as fully as I can. I pose the thought that we can all do this, and with a little trust the world may just get “better”. I use quotation marks because it is already pretty damn fantastic…this beauty flourishes when I get out of my own way and allow myself to get busy.
Sleepy quote of the day: “I am Jack’s limitless imagination.”
Love. See yall soon when I get out into the world again. Coming soon: Spring.

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