Handicapple Red readies for the road.

Handicapple Red is my steed currently. My father used to have handicap plates for preferred parking privilege, and the mini van is candy apple red. Came to be known as the Handicapple Red, which when said in my head is sing song to the tune of Panama Red. She has transferred to my brother’s charge. I am getting her an oil change (likely overdue, as my brother careened all over the damn place for the beet harvest in SD last year…Good story, but not mine to tell.) So Then the brother, with his new-heavied pockets up and left for the Southeast of Asia for some learning experiences teaching children. So there is the steed lined-up. Handicapple Red…Here is to hoping she will make the journey I have planned for her.
I just read Farley Mowat’s The Boat That Wouldn’t Float at perhaps exactly the right or wrong time. I suppose it is in the try more so than the destination and maybe, sometimes, it is possible to have a new destination slowly insert it’s self into the place one happens to be standing. Maybe there is reason to believe that we are always in the right place? But I like to keep it moving, so either way, I have begun planning the big movement of the first part of this year. Depending upon it’s success, there are a few plans that have started to form in a ghosty sort of way for the fall.
Yoga Fest in Joshua tree is in May, I will be vending my books there. The week following this, we will move slowly up the coast to Monterey, CA in order to vend the California Roots Festival. There is chance that I will then continue up the coast…who knows. The Fine folks over at another fest in Michigan have expressed interest in our working together as well, but who knows about all that just yet.
So I put a ball into a rolling motion, and it took speed. I am now trying to keep up with that motion. Got a lot of work to do, and some serious organization to do it with. REally working out.
Will have some more photos up of new books I am completing, and will have my Store all updated and working out hopefully next week. Juggle, juggle.
To tide it over though, this is where my big painting is right now, taking a few days away from it in order to be able to see forest and trees. So enjoy, if you will, and Ill see yall later. To the trees!
Love you.

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