I am consistently surprised by the turns and twists of life. I am consistently surprised by my decisions and the fallout of these decisions.

I applied to vend my wares at a few big music festivals this coming spring/summer. The response has been good. So far, I am definitely going to be at the Joshua Tree Music and Yoga Festival in May. Gotta start working out more to be able to have as much fun as possible, gotta start training more to be able to climb down in the desert!

So I sat down with a savvy friend and figured out some numbers. we came to some conclusions about how much each book takes to make. Materials are arguably a pittance, but the time it takes me to develop an idea from my brain to a product and then actually build it is the real price culprit. I am a one man show thus far in everything I am doing. Each sale is a huge win! Things have been going well and heating up even as we head toward the dead of winter. I am having a hard time keeping up with the online stuff like my store stocks and photos and descriptions. I am making many books, and restoring some as well…which is very good nerd fun!

I am thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign for some legit startup costs. I am dialing in my brand, whatever that may entail. Next weekend I will be building some scorched pine bookshelves  and getting my display setup beautiful.

I think I will be developing my work in ink on paper and canvas and books as more of a focus than what it has been, a terrifically rewarding hobby. My journals are well received, and I dare say, some of the most traditionally bound and strongest available. Now they will be more one of a kind and more of an art piece to be utilized and developed by the user. At the fairs I have been vending, I have been working on my visual art in pen and ink, which seem to be getting more oohs and ahhs than my books. I have taken notice.

I am changing my habits and cycles again, I see myself as much a project as my business. I am strong and useful in body and spirit, and see room for improvement. I will be in the studio recording professional grade music in the coming months. I guess I am using the old “see what sticks” method. I am having a great time figuring out what I really want to do, and realizing how supported I am. Thank you all for that.


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