Moves and Shakes

Been painting. Been binding. Been making music. Been dreaming.

Big things in the works. I have been looking into getting some limited prints of new art. That is a big up for me, taking myself and my art more seriously. Getting some legit recording of the music that is flying around my head soon. Applying to bigger events to vend at. All good things coming.

For the past week, I have been occillating between two mindsets. One is the play it easy, build slowly idea..the other is Let’s just jump right in, head before feet. I have decided that there is only one way I have lived thus far, all in. Where this has been the source of both my successes and failures, I am in the school of thought that it has always been good to me. I believe full heartedly in what I do daily, and want my actions and decisions to reflect this belief. I applied to some west coast festivals this morning. Would be really nice to start the spring with the desert, kind of where this all got rolling anyhow.

I am making decisions about how to move forward with creativity at the core of my values. I am not sure of the relevance of luck, but I would appreciate if you wished me a little. Thanks!

I am rebinding a 1896 printing of Vasari’s “Lives of the Painters”. Printed by Scribner and neted 315 of 500 in this printing. I believe this is the first US printed version of it from what I can find on it. Wiki here.

Anywho, I suppose the phrase might be “level up” or maybe even “whoa”.

Love to you this morning from my coffee cup to my toes.

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