Books for days. Just about to case in my first restoration. “The Settlement Cookbook: The way to a man’s heart”. From 1944, so not too old, but full of really fantastic recipes. Some custom books done and shipped out, forgot to photo them. That’s all about books, I’ve been thinking again.

I like to move about. Try a lot of new things. I feel like the only plausible reason for being born at all is to experience all the other stuff that is around. You are supposed to see, or you wouldn’t have eyes. Supposed to walk, or you wouldn’t stand. We have these amazing sensing abilities that we lump into little sections called senses. Often talked about separately, there is quite an overlap in how I experience them. Taste and smell are obvious, but I have often heard something like “I don’t eat that, I don’t like the texture”. I also find every time that my food tastes better when appearance was thought into it’s production. A cardboard box makes a find foot rest, but it definitely feels better to kick back with a nice leather thing. Everyone has a “like” bouy floating somewhere on these scales. I like to engage these senses. Usually it is a full on sort of engaging that happens without much guidance, but sometimes (chocolate currently) I set out to single a few out and focus. Music is similar, though I feel like it is maybe a few steps more involved than chocolate eating.

I read once that when you watch or even just think about an activity that you are familiar with, your brain reacts similarly to doing the action. I play guitar. When I watch someone play guitar, my brain does a kind of practicing. I read this a long time ago, and have no idea where or if it was a study or speculation. This being, it makes a great explanation to me.

So I travel, I look at maps and read about many things. I play often. Not everything attempted needs to become forever part of my life, though that is often hard to remember. I love to build things…sometimes I feel like there are a limited amount of things one needs to learn to build anything. After you learn all this, you need only to know how to translate for materials and scale and use and all the other unending factors of the world. Unless you build space pods, and then do you have more factors, less or is it the same?

Anyway, my current estimation of why I do not want to stick to one thing is something like this: I am here on earth to experience and enjoy creation. If it is true that our brains react similar to doing and to watching, experience can be nearly doubled with more varied experience, yeah? So to show that I am happy to have the job/ability to be here, I will take my opportunities, and develop my abilities.

Although I do often struggle with who to thank, and don’t buy the guy in sky method of thought, I am now in the mind to think maybe just making the most of this gooey life stuff. Not just because it makes me “happy”. Because it is how I am saying my thanks. I find there is no room for depression or laziness since I adopted this. We each gotta find our own way, this is where I am right  n o w .

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