I have become afflicted by this really bizarre syndrome. Is it a syndrome? I ate some pine nuts last week. Well, I scraped the bottom of the salad bowl clean of them and ate each and every one. Turns out, sometimes this causes everything I taste to be extremely bitter. Issue is, I was on my way to Rhode Island to eat some creatures from the sea. I had no idea there was any such cause for bitterness. So bitter, in fact, nausea was unrelenting. I immediately made the call to outlaw web MD searches. Too easy nowadays to come up with a tumor that smokes too much and has acid reflux. Maybe a stroke of bad luck. I make it a point to avoid hypochondria, so I kind of just didn’t eat much, and set to complaining with loud moans and over the top spitting out of water. But a couple days in, the option for whatever options the online search became a need. So I found this. Put the two together, and now here I am, eating a very bitter chocolate-banana milkshake.
I have only had one other thing this bitter, a kind of cactus.
I keep thinking about how I am starting projects right now with a bitter taste. I am drawing the conclusion that this means failure and self sabotage are not options, because the bitter thing will have been taken care of from the get go.
Anywho, NanoWriMo. I am not having the cascade of well put together thought that one might hope for, but it is not exactly nothing, either. Almost feel every thing I put into the world has many options, and as I pick through them and explore the possibilities I feel confident things will fall into place.
I mean to posture: is writing a story any much different than living a life?

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