The Submarine

I am binding many books this week. Here in my studio, the heater for the house kicks on. There is a periodic long tone beep (which I suspect to be more of a long whine or squeek, at a steady pitch). It sounds like the sonar blip of a submarine movie. My music can’t really get loud enough to build a barrier, so I listen quietly and take some comfort that we aren’t going to hit anything.

I am participating in NaNoWriMo this next month. I am sure I have posted little jots of the story on this site, long time ago. I had a dream involving frogs while hanging out on a funny Greatful Dead farm in Northern California. I was grateful to have a place to wake up in the sun, but it did not last long. On that hill, I had a dream and it sparked and idea, and now I am starting the fire. Or something less ridiculous than that. I don’t want to write or talk about it too much as I am keeping the dam strong for the first of November. One signs on to write fifty thousand words of a new novel during November. Books are doing alright, and I am very comfy where I am for this winter. Thinking it is time, making it time.

I have been making a bunch of art. Feeling more confident. Feeling more creative due to confidence.

A friend once told me something like “Keep your art close, it will always be there for you”

I think he was right. Ill post the hermit crab origin story illustration when I finish it.

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