Autumn update

It is certainly autumn here…

I was a little farther north around the time of the equinox, and the leaves were definitely turning there. However, the pigment is seeping south rapidly. Outside of the city, the trees have abandoned all inhibitions, and let the color really soar, exploring all manner of delightful color. I was in Phoenixville over the weekend for an event, vending my books. It was raining in the morning, and a mist persisted through much of the day. Coffee and conversation kept my spirits high, and my temperature high enough. I met some very nice folks out there. I did get embarrassingly lost on the way, which if you have driven with me will be no surprise. I developed this habit of looking at the maps, saying something overconfident ie: “I got this”, and promptly spending twice as long as I should arriving. LO! I did not, and visited Allentown briefly at 7AM. Look at a map if you want. Allentown is not on the bird flies direction to Phoenixville from Philadelphia.

ANYWHO. I have a lot of new photos from the current series of books. I will try to actually get them in an online store of mine right quick, but if you REALLY can’t wait for that, most all in these photos is still available. An email or a message, and I will get back right quick.

It is still early enough to order the book from your pollyanna’s wildest dreams. I will attempt any custom strangeness you may want. LARGE to teeny, any color, fabric, paper, headband….you name it, this kid wants to try.

I will post some more on all this soon, hope to be writing once a week again…things have calmed down. The painting here is just a conte study, and only half is shown. it is 8’x4′, so you see here one panel of some study work on a 4×4 panel.

Hope this finds you well, and you are loving the fact you can get away with breaking out the scarf again. I am sure happy for that!

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