a little late Autumnal equinox, a bit of rain.

September 21 2014
I am house-sitting. Well, dog sitting. The dog is a very large bull mastiff named Emma. I am in some sort of upper crust suburban town smashed into a group of upper crust suburban towns filled with inert castles of all kinds. Lawns are well kept. No one walks, but there is a steady parade of folks jogging by with earbuds and waterbottle fanny packs, worn largely in the front. Well, not so much on this Sunday morning. I have been taking long walks, learning and practicing my guitar, and a bit of standup bass. From the tops of some hills, New York City is visible. At the bottom of hills, many mushrooms. Having a great time collecting spore-prints and identifying. Fall time is certainly here. Equinox in a few days.
Fall is my favorite season, or so I have always said. Take green, for example: my favorite color. However, I can’t claim to wear green a bunch, or really own many green things. I remember deciding this. Really. I clearly remember wondering why I did not have a good answer to the questions about favorite number or color. I chose. Thirteen, for it’s dicey background (which I have now shortened to three, occasionally attempting to argue that a base nine, or three system makes more sense…for which I have not one good point, as I don’t know numbers that well, I just like three).
So, I suppose I lied just then. I enjoy fall, but the others are just as good. I enjoy green, but I cannot say if it is my favorite…no proof. I DO like three more, no reasons that can be well explained.
I have had a lot of time to work alone, to think, to explore myself with nowhere to hide. Tirades are common. So now the meat:

Lot of new books here.
I have decided to make some different sizes than I was before, after a ton of feedback from the dash back and forth and around the United States last winter. So thanks for the input into sizes preferred. There are some very skinny smaller books and large ones that are not tomes. It took me some time to realize that most everyone has different taste than I. I suppose this to be a positive thing in the end. Here are a few:


I am writing new music that I have not developed enough to share, but this is coming too. I am developing the ideas for a couple paintings as well. I will be in the Northeastern United States for the next few coming months. Think I found a feeling of home. Not thinking it will be any harder to leave home this time. Maybe spring. I have located a lovely school that I would like to learn some language at. More on that if it comes up.

I am working as hard as allows me to continue to play, and I can’t really find the border between the two.

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