Process. Progress.

I turned twenty nine very recently. Working through a lot of books. Working on real business stuff. Got a painting on two 4×4 foot canvases (32 square feet) in the works, Biggest canvas to date. The process for this one is very methodical. Cutting millions and millions of images and such for collage work to continue a story line. Working on the concepts of an album. (or at least a body of songs that blend cohesively). I am renovating a bathroom and another room in this house. Using original floorboards to build planter boxes and frames and a bookshelf. taking four classes (Human Physiology, Music theory, Gut biology and Curanderismo which is Traditional Mexican healing).

Not sure when I became this busy or productive, but I am loving it. I am awaiting the arrival of my laptop here in Philadelphia. I left it in Denver for weight purpose. It will be nice to have it back, and I can record and upload these photos I am taking to document my work (as well as get my stores back into action)

Here is to another year in the life.

Patience will see more content on this site.


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