So I am in Philadelphia.

I find myself at home-base, sifting through my own few, and my father’s many belongings. All of this seems foreign to me now, though so familiar. Receipts from seven years past trigger memories of days spent wishing they would end quickly. I realize the line between natural and unnatural has blurred. As I look back into history, searching for respite from the guilt (I now redefine) for altering the universe in so grandiose a fashion. Flight. No, impossible.

I am as senselessly afraid as the rest of you. I find it difficult to take the licks life throws. I am sensitive to feedback, and somehow more sensitive to the negative than the positive. Well, I look to change that now.

I have some great momentum built up. I learned so much this summer from the renovation of a farmhouse, and the interaction with many, many animals. With horses, it seems, you can try to “break” them or you can learn from them, communicate with them. The sensitive nature of these gigantic beasts is shattering to the idea of separate ego. So, lesson learned. I am nothing without everything else.

I am outfitting the new workshop that will serve as home for a few months, have cancelled a trip to California. Build. I have a fantastic group of folks that are helping me out with marketing, and will have my craft in a few stores next month? In communication with stores in PA and Tucson. I am reworking my pricing, and rehashing strategy. Calligraphy is getting better. Voice is getting stronger. Hands and wrists are feeling wonderful.

More importantly: I am working. I am discovering my creativity. Have been lopsided in the left brain, and will lean right until balanced. Got some HUGE canvases. Have a beautiful guitar to write new music, and rework old.

I am smiling. At you. I am remembering that holding anything for too long or too tightly makes for interesting wake up calls.

We are going to be fine, as long as we keep ourselves intact. Your art, your passion, your dreams are real. So are mine. Let’s get busy in the face of ourselves.

Thank you to each and everything that has brought me to this point. We are going to be better than ok. We are already perfectly flawed.

Bursting with Love,



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  1. jeff smith says:

    I am so happy for you and really enjoy these post sara and I are planning to move back to Washington in the spring as friends of course.

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