Stop at the signs. Es la ley.

This is an update on movement, I will update thoughts when I remember them.

Back up in Philadelphia town. Confronting some emotion and other chaff left here. My father passed right before I left last, and it seems like I had left some “deal with it” here. All is well, but still a bit strange to have him not around. Anywho, I will be in this area for a little bit. Build some stuff on a horse farm (I like horses a lot now, thanks to some Florida homies), maybe get up to Vermont to see some friends and see one more spring. had about four this year thus far, and the tendency is to push these things as far as possible.

Lots of ticks in Florida and Georgia. When I stopped running or walking, they were found by the tens running over shoes and up legs. Some sort of horror film stuff there. I have a healthy dislike for these creatures, as I was nearly taken down by one of their kin last year. I am working to remember that creatures exist to be eaten and to eat. Ticks likely don’t mean to carry shit disease in their vomit. Gross little buggers feed birds (?) I don’t know. Georgia has a really nice hostel in Brunswick. Paradise!  They seem to always be looking for some help, and remind me a bunch of the folks at the Tortoises in SF and Seattle.

Then up to Asheville, NC. Holy moly. I will be living there for the summer. Loved it. Mountains and trees and waterfalls and good, wholesome folk. Great music. Spent two full days passing songs around a group of wonderfully talented and knowledgeable pickers….The most knowledgeable being Abby the Spoon Lady. Never seen cutlery do that before.

Then a strange long traffic jam across the state of Maryland and here I am, taking the things out of my pack and doing laundry. I am working on some books, and have been thinking a lot about how I have been going about the whole Vagabound thing. If I ever wrap my head around it, I will definitely share my thoughts.

This is just an update on movement. I will update on thoughts when the brain speeds up (or slows down?)

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