Back in the Eastern Standard Time, though my telephone does not do the whole change time automatically. I am still unsure what time it is, and it does not seem to bother my life currently as long as I wake up near the sun and do stuff until I am tired.

I have just about sold out of books. This weekend will see me making more, hopefully quite a few. Need to get some more leather, Florida leather. Keep finding incredible shells on the beach, and though I am not sure I want to try to put them onto books, but something will be done with them, maybe putting them back on the beach?

I saw a burping barnacle. Will be running on the beaches around St Pete, binding in the house of a new friend (haven’t yet met as of this writing), and playing some music down in clearwater. Got a few days out of the truck, and sleeping on the sand, and alone time. woof.

So we stayed in New Orleans, danced all night. We saw a really big hole in the ground called Carlsbad, Austin, TX was really really cool, well I think so. The people we stayed with are really great circus folk. Got some good tips on my handstands, and taught some slacklining. They are getting married soon, and love was in the air, hard. Circus wedding! It is going to be livestreamed, we will be watching it from the east coast.

So, the Sheriff’s office woke us up in Destin, Fla. and told us that we should be careful about the spring breakers, and to sleep well. Thanks for the positive officer interaction, always nice to remember that the coppers are just people too, and the mustache and gun don’t mean “jerk”.

Things are going well, learning much. Got a big dream brewing, nothing new to report I guess.

Well, here’s to more books, more travel, and more laughs.

Talk soon.

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