Through the southwest and back.


I am in Denver. In about a month, I drove all over the bottom left part of the map. From here, Sleepy and I went to Penasco, NM. We hung out in a little cabin for a few days with some fantastic people. I made books, Sleepy made jewelry. I taught a new friend how to bind, and She makes a darn beautiful book. I am on my way back there in about a week to cross the bottom right of the country with her. Driving to Florida, then up the coast to ride some horses and put in some beehives. Gotta get these hand into the dirt! Springtime commeth!

Anywho, We stayed there for five days and then southbound to Tucson. Gem show was fun. Saw a bunch of rocks. Slacklined with a firefighter. I played a lot of music and we met up with some friends, and my brother showed up! Had a great caravan from Tucson and down to Joshua Tree. Had a good look at some really big rocks, and lived in a dry lake bed for a few days. Sleepy got a dog, and the brother and I went to Vegas, which was a really strange place. We drove to some really deep hot springs for a night. Now we are in Denver for one week.

Ill be up on Pearl street in Boulder a few times this week with my newest books and some music.

I learned that not having my computer means I don’t use a computer. Seems obvious.

Moving forward, I will be staying mindful and happy. I am excited to travel with a new person. I am excited that she binds books. I appreciate that she is kind.

Can’t wait for Florida! Alaska is looking really tempting too.

‘Til next time!

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