What is going on here?

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This talented guy I met recently (through a two degree separation of the most wonderful kind) designed me a logo! His name is Jon Laser, and he is part of Jonny Laser Designs. I really like his work, and his play is more fascinating. These kids rode their bikes something crazy like three thousand miles from utah or something to maine or somewhere? I don’t have the full story straight in my head, it isn’t my story. But I am saying that it is possible to go rock climbing with your “design guy”.

What an interesting world, huh? I have been binding books and learning calligraphy. I play a few hours of guitar each day. There is an odd feeling of not doing enough. I am privileged to not have to work for anyone else, and thus spend a lot of time just enjoying things. I have been staying with my mom and my aunt, who I try to see once a year, but I haven’t spent more than a week or so with them in the past few years. This time will be just over two months.
Family is one of the most intriguing things in the world. The intimacy of people watching you develop since birth is intense. My father passed away late last year, and I still have that renewed understanding of mortality. Life is not short or long, it just kind of is. There is only so much of it, but since I can’t see the end, I am not sure that it matters. I kind of feel like traveling keeps me based here too. Can’t sweat the small stuff as I never made a plan and don’t know where I am going yet anyway.
But firstly, I will be joining forces with the jedi master by name of Sleepy. We are doing the ol’ southern desert rat tour, and will be collaborating on books. He is a jewelry maker, craftsman, friend of the band, medicine man, and wandering poet of the road. He is legendary in my tales. So, we will be making things together and be-bopping around until further notice. The Tucson gem show will put us really close to the butterflies in Mexico (kind of), which would be my vote if life turns out democratic, but up the west coast would be nice too. I have a book to drop off in LA sometime late winter, early spring. I’ve been looking at maps, reading ferry and train schedules. I have found some dirt cheap seats on planes that fly over oceans. There are day long layovers in places like Reykjavik  and Istanbul. The world isn’t that damned big anymore!

Anyhow, I have been keeping busy. I am working on some non book stuff right now to break the pace. When the shipments I just sent out are received, I will post some photos. A couple new songs soon, and a self portrait. I imagine that will all be before Friday. Denver series is just more than halfway done, sitting at a cool #15, with a rather large pile of half torn paper next to it.

Twenty fourteen has been rather kind thus far. Let’s keep up the good work!

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