Introducing: Vagabound Craft

Here is the update I keep alluding to.

I took a bit of time off for the holiday season. I am in Denver, and there is much family I am catching up with after over a year. (My Brother Brandon’s youngest boy is talking…and I don’t think we met before…)
During this holiday season, I was floundering away whole days just listening to music with moms and soaking it in. I got to thinking about my goal when I left my last job: not be employed steady by another person again. It has worked! Well, I have not made much money, but I am happier, and still alive.
Anywho. Vagabound! (I am sure you get it.)
I kept coming to the thought that all I want to do is travel. In the past, I have worked a job and saved money (or not!) and then travelled until I ran out, or got really tired of being broke where I don’t know people. Then it dawned on me: I make things. That can happen anywhere, everywhere. I am now binding books in series named after the place they are bound. I have got my binding kit down to a travelable size, and somewhere near the end of January will be headed out with a backpack and guitar to make books wherever they take me. You can follow me here. I will continually be posting photos of current journals, my travels, music, and art endeavors. AND! You can buy these online! I have decided to go with Store Envy over Etsy for now, as I like how it interfaces with me as a seller.

I do not do production work. Each book is unique, and I obtain leather in small quantity, so there is not a ton of the same covered books. Most leather I use is reclaimed from thrift stores, flea markets, and friends. Each Journal is one of a kind. I bind in my own time, with the most open of hearts, to make certain the energy folded into each page is calm and accepting.

I have switched the site around a lot in the past day and hope it is both more navigable. I will be adding much more content over the coming future time.

With all fears duly ignored,

Joe Kirby,  Vagabound Craft

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