Practicing and Being Spoiled.

A strange time of year,the holidays. Some people find it easy to become very glad and giving. Others take time to remember those passed and do a bit of a hole up sort of thing. Who knows what else goes on in the name of this strange wintery time in the northern hemisphere.
I made out like a bandit, and am feeling like quite the spoiled kid here in Denver. I am very close to being entirely re-stocked with gear and inspiration. I ought to have a package with book supplies in the next few days, and everything steps up.
I have my sights set on the farthest reaches of my imagination, and am working rather tirelessly on many projects at once. This has served to make me quite the hermit. I work sun up to sun down and aside from feeding myself and staying fit, I have little time right now for interaction. Gets a little strange sometimes, surely, but I have been wanting to work on some of this stuff for more than a year!
So, taking time to be quiet and make some stuff. I am recording all of my songs that I can find and remember. I want to “finish” some portion of my life, and my music. I want to move forward. Getting closer by the day. I am working on a series of a colored pencil kind, and they are getting really fun. The new guitar is going to be taken apart and re-situated this evening. There is a tiny buzz that I think is coming from the way the cone and the spidery thing are sitting in there. I also really want to see what the inside looks like. Hopefully I put it back together at least as well as it is together now. The pickup seems to have a poopy contact as well.
As the goals clarify, I will certainly keep this updated.

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