Asking questions I have the answer to.

The last two posts are part of something I just started. I am having a lot of fun and learning a ton trying to build and understand this story. The two things posted are the working beginning of the project. Just a bit of set up that I have written out in order to feel out where this story has to go to realize it’s end. I have attempted writing stories before, but it always seemed that they were finished very quickly even if I wanted them to last longer. I want them to last longer.

When I am coming to the end of a  story I have been reading, I often put it down and start reading another. It is some sort of way to prolong the inevitable end of a story. The beginning and middle of a story is very much believable. I can be an indescribable force on the characters and settings. I can judge them, and think of them in the shower, and have dreams about them. This is much like life, the people and the places you know.

But then I get to the end. There is no more narrative. I will never know more of this story. This is not like life, I don’t think. It bothers me. When I realize a goal, end a day, or even lose a loved one through disaster…..reach the end of a story…..I wake up the next day, slowly or quickly moving toward an (un)intentional future. My story goes on. They all do. The end of a book? Damn.

So, I started thinking about this story when I got to Denver. It is set in an unnamed time. The whole of society, it would seem, think of each other and the earth and love and war and government very differently. Like completely. It will all be explained out as it becomes more clear. I decided that I would take these characters in my head, let them interact a bunch, then write the very beginning and the very end of this book. The Dedication by the main character, Laura Meade, and a letter from another character at the end.

Can someone break away from their time and place enough to not reflect their own experience in imagination?

Any which way I look at it though, I am having fun with this. I also have no goals for it, which is working well thus far…great entertainment is often without a goal.

I don’t know how much of this story I will post as it works out, because I think thats confusing. I also think I want to work it over as a whole sometime in the future, fact checking and whatnot. There are so many pieces to a story. Seems the same way memories work: way too many situations and information, which boils to a different set for each person. Some evaporates.

So I am experiencing an entire world and asking questions.

Which I have the answer to.

Sounds realistic to me.

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