“Lake Meade, and Intentional Love”

Dedication and a few short excerpts of “Lake Meade, and Intentional Love”, a memoir by the once well known post-historian Laura Meade. More from this undatable book will be transcribed as becomes possible.


            I first thought to write this, the memories of my first love, many years ago. I had been studying history at that point for over ten years. It is true that I am a scholar known for the study of post-history, but I have always been enthralled with the time periods when people keep track of events by their place in time. Perhaps you, as the reader, live in a time like this? I have through my career been credited with proving a cyclical nature of time, though I feel like maybe we have always known about this. So, in a period of time entirely unaccountable, it has become my charge to tell how I live, and how my people live. I do this in hopes a future generation, one that may keep time, and even love differently can read of another way of life, one as I have been afforded.

The records of the past that I have studied are vast. They reach from a pre-historic past, theorized (and largely proven) by the people of the era toward the end of recorded history. We do not know the amount of time that has passed since this era, as we do not record into our histories anything but the events. No dates. Studying our history is peering into calm truths. This is true, it happened. There is no “then, this”. I wanted to experience having a linear, marked time. I did this through study of the past, and have devoted my entire life to it. I have gained much, and lost much in my pursuit.

I write this dedicated to those on a different placing of time. To those who, at least through imagination, would like to see what it used to be like, or what it will be like in the future. I have chosen it’s order and presentation in the way I thought might most concisely illuminate the darkness of time in a digestible and enjoyable manner.

I have attempted to write this work in earnest. I have been very fortunate in my lifetime in regards to my freedom, and I am thankful. I have included what letters and journal entries I have into this book to lend emotion and perspective. The names in this book have not been changed, as this book is not to be published until after every person involved has passed. If you are reading this, it is likely much time has passed since this was written. What is your society like, I wonder?

I know of societies with and without finance, love, or violence. I know of nomadic, agrarian, and conquering peoples. What kind of peoples are you?

I attempt then to answer this question myself. Within these pages are my people, my life, and hopefully a decent story as well.

With life, Laura Meade.

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