I flew to Denver. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. The funny thing is that right after it went wrong, it was fixed without anyone becoming frustrated. Just a bit of lateness. Overall, pretty enjoyable. The Trenton-Mercer airport has two gates, and the steps next to the runway. I like small airports. The TSA guy was helping with luggage. He was a smiley, soft spoken but rather large in frame. He was a ginger too. Bright orange red. There was a small human toddling next to me, and sometimes on me. He was fun, and really liked laughing. We got along fine.

Anyway, it is nice here. Cold, but the people seem happy. People in places seem happy. The people on the street don’t seem outwardly happy. I think these will be some really great weeks. I may spend Christmas in Penasco NM, house sitting for some theater folk. We will see.

I re-read a book I have always liked this morning. Illusions, by Richard Bach. My dad gave it to my mom in the 80’s when they first met, and there is always a copy around still. I still really enjoy it. So, here is a quote from the Reminders for the Advanced Soul: “In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom”

Here goes.

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