Panda Smoke

A Bit of History:

Sometime during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries C.E. a cycle ended and brought with it’s demise a shift into a new sort of existence. As proceeds most new realities, a century of liberation began with the 1900’s. The twenties and sixties stand out as acute examples of liberation. The sexual nature of this newfound freedom released a large amount of testosterone into the trade winds causing violence the world over. During all of this tumult, some folks were working and had developed many technological advancements.

By the middle of the 2000’s, a global understanding was fully formed on the foundation of global communication.

The rich dictators and warlords stepped down, peacefully surrendering the international stage to the creative, cooperative people. As it turned out, the creative people got on well together and tended to party often. At the beginning of the Twenty-second century, the top eschalon of this elite group of creative leaders had developed the techniques required to actually create their own reality. A new type of creative play began to shape the earth and it’s laws. Poverty and pollution were myth in a few short decades, and there was harmony. There was much laughter. One could, for a price, get any worry willed out of existence by now rulers of reality.

I Enjoy life plenty, but when I stood above the tower complex on the hill and saw panda smoke lifting into the breezes above the mountains…That was too much. They have gone too far. They must be stopped.

Above is the digital version of this:

A mixed media collage and a tiny book describing the collage in a story. Rainy Thursday.

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