To the high country, again.

So I am thinking to spend the winter in Denver. My mother lives there. I have friends there. I feel a call. I have no real reason to be there, but then, what reason do I have to be anywhere? My most fond of memories are tied into the feeling of never knowing where or why I am going. I remember fondest the times when I was not sure where I might get my next meal. It is simple to live song to song, day to day. Folks are, by and large, very kind. It is my experience that if I am honest, there is much greater chance of the other person being honest. it is easy to make friends when everyone has nothing to lose.

That is why i move about. I am not running to or from anything.

I am feeling powerful again. I feel like I have options. The world is accessible. The world is a gift. I want to see it.

So another winter in Denver. the last was….well, the last winter I spent in Denver was the beginning of how I got here. I learned a lot. Then I climbed into a Volvo. Utah for who knows how long. Southern UT in spring is incredible. Death Valley Taught me how sand dunes are made. There are no dumps in nature. Moraines  and dunes are a collection of what us humans would call trash. Nature’s trailer parks are the most enlightening and challenging spots on this globe. Where things look dead and discarded one can find the most beautiful striations of life.

So I set off with only what I have made off of books. I am drunk on the idea of making my own way. I am enjoying being broke. I have no upset about the fact that maybe it wont work. I know that what I do will be returned to me. I will play music. I will make books. I will move forward, even if it feels fast.

I have to break it to you, reader. I have met the dark. I know my deepest crevasses. I have seen into them all in the past year. The past three years have opened doors and destroyed walls. What a crazy trip. If you get to know me I will tell all. I have nothing to hide, but also little to tell. I am not too worried about all of it. In fact, most of my past has become rather a boring topic. Each instance that seems negative has given me a positive. Each creative outlet spurs from a shitty handout.

So Denver. I will be there in two weeks. yikes, and oof. I am quite excited.

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