The sun did not, per se, rise. It is dark and rainy. Coffee on the porch was lovely and dry. Very fall. All souls day, the curtain between us living and those dead is thin nowadays. If you got anything to say or ask or channel, it seems like now would be the time. Personally, I will let sleeping dogs lie. I don’t mess with those things.

What a week! Made a small army of books. I am currently making a short film of this week’s endeavors, so I will unveil when I got that done and can post it, along with photos.

So I have decided to move around for the winter. I will be fueling this ramble with the proceeds from my books, which I have almost figured out a good way to travel and work at the same time! Though, I admit, paper weighs a whole lot and it could be a pain in the calves and back. Either way, I am pretty excited, and it still doesn’t seem that I can possibly work fast enough to keep up with demand. I think that is a good thing though.

Perhaps it has been done, but I am going to travel on the books I make. I will move day to day, city to city, country to country. This is how I used to live, how I will live again. There is something intoxicating about the notion of not having a destination. Freedom.

I had some realizations the other day while on a long run. One was about racism. I am aware that we are all racist, that this world is built on the craggy ashes of crushes societies…all that. But the smiles and hello’s and good mornings made me realize something: Most black people seem to like white people, most white people seem to like black people. Most is not all, surely, but it does seem to me that we are all studying and aggrandizing and intellectualizing something perpetrated by a minority of people. The hate or intolerance is continued by an assumption that the “other” already dislikes us from our differences. Just a thought that came from my huffing and puffing through a very culturally diverse Philadelphia. All I am saying is that one on one, I get along with most everybody. Black white brown democrat republican. What is the difference? I say let us lay down our obsession with racism and let it fizzle out one last time.

I am aware of what my ancestors have done, and I am aware of what has been done to them. That is where I like it to stay. After a while a struggle loses what it was built upon and a new struggle (usually, it seems, a stronger one) is built upon the idea of the original. There need be much more forgiveness. What my great-great-grandfather’s peers did is something I cannot change. That being said, I have no idea what my great great did or did not do. I don’t even know what country he/she may have lived in. Euromutt-American.

I have also realized that the things that I was taking as profound insights just a few years ago are now commonplace. It is this way with everything. When you get really good at something, and all your friends think much of your ability, you seem to “level up” and are at the bottom of a new ladder of folks that are all at different places of this next (abstract) level. I have learned this with guitar. I am now learning the guitar, after six years of playing a bunch. I now have a whole bunch of work to do to become proficient in a way up til now I did not know existed. This is true also with painting and singing and writing and and and and.

And the book game is so entirely out of my realm. People do some really amazing things with books. I might someday be a ‘legit’ bookbinder, but for now, I bind blank journals. I enjoy the thought that I built a little storage shed for someone’s thoughts, or appointments, or observations, or to-do’s. I am not a restoration binder, which is one thing most bookbinders seem to do. Kind of hard to take an old book and restore it when my book press is a stack of old textbooks and my workbench is a dining room table. I like it this way.

So later today I hope to have this video stitched together and posted with photos of books, some of which will be available for purchase. For now, though, I have paper to tear, files to convert, music to listen to, etc etc.

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