I ran all over Northeast Philadelphia this morning. Lou Reed was playing in everyone’s car radios. A much older man schooled me in some exercises at a park.

There is not a whole mess of anything going on round here. I am making a bunch more books this week. There was a section of the paper on Grace Kelly in the Sunday Inquirer (I think it was sunday?). Anywho, there is a photo of Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. She is in a white or off white gown, he is in a tuxedo. there is no border. The negative spaces look the same as her dress, their skin, his shirt, and the surrounding text’s background. I had a really strong reaction to the fact that he looked like a lamp pole, and Ms. Kelly’s head and arms would be the lamp and shade. her body was negative space. then the text joins her head and his body as positive space, and there they are!  three dimensions. playing on a page. Apparently she married a prince. She was born in Philadelphia. She’s beautiful.

Each day seems a bit more vivid as I get into better health and pay attention. It is really quite startling. I find myself playing a lot more again, with words, numbers, my body, or my eyes. Makes the world a bit more interesting.

Ill post some book photos as this progresses. I even charged a camera battery. Only time will tell.

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