Over the past few months, I have been a tad bit busy. It is interesting to me that every time I get motivated, it ends up in a flurry of activity so severe in nature that I cannot keep up with communication outside of my immediate surroundings. I am not sure that everyone has this issue. I started a farm with some friends this spring, and it seems to take a fair amount of time out of each day….like all of it! But LO! I am now feeling a bit more stable, and have been able to bind some books with my free time. I just finished one for a writer with vellum folded into pockets for pressing flowers. I have sold a few at farm markets, and have commissions for many more. If you are waiting on one, keep it easy, I am trying here!

There are many things that I have learned, unlearned, or are learning or unlearning. I don’t wish to expound upon them right now. Instead, I wanted to say that I am alive, that I am creating, and that I am trying to spend some more time being creative in the ways that make me feel like me.

Waking at sunrise, sleeping at sunset….I will get some books done, pictures posted, and hopefully get ahead of the game and have some extra books posted upon this place so that you all can get in on the writing action!

turn right off veetersan.

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