Busy beaver.

A lot of opportunity has been placed in front of me in the past couple weeks. It is one of the strange circumstances of life that every time I begin to work and act in my own interests above anything else, the universe or whatever it is that is in charge (me?) gives me a million chances to further my successes or ventures or whatever you want to call it.

On the art end (which I suppose this was all started to illuminate) I have been working on books. I just finished this book for two wonderful women who have an extensive correspondence. From what I know, they drive one another’s studio work, and have a deep love for one another. They have an art opening tonight (friday), in which (though I have yet to see it) they have installed a desk. On this desk is a smattering of their visual and art correspondence. Also, the book I made for them. I am excited to see it.

The circles of people that I know seem to be overlapping more and more. Everyone knows everyone else. That is just how it goes, I suppose. Of course people know people, and the exponential nature of such things means we are all connected. I wonder why (on the grand whole) we don’t feel the same way about rocks and stars and grass and rodents and etc. etc. ..

Anyway. I am nearing the finish of the mural. I am creating blank books, and learning many things. This week I hope to work out my first long-stitch book in a minty green leather (if I can find it on the cheap). There is also the first of many new endbands. So far, the ol’ “norm” of a one core bead on the spine, bead on the edge, and the French double headband. This book has been incredibly helpful! I have only had to figure out one or two things that weren’t perfectly understandable by the text and diagrams. Recommended to anyone that has interest in the art of binding books.

So to wrap this up. Here are some photos of a few books this week saw created. Soon I will learn how to take a photo of EVERY book I make. maybe….but it seems that my camera, new to me, is not cooperating. shoots. so you get no photographic update. I have little satisfaction in showing off…take my word. I do not lie. the books look good. ooof.


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