Working, Building.

The first post. Yikes. It is not for me to wonder whether I should have done this long ago.

What am I up to?
I am binding books, teaching myself how to make them in traditional manners dating from the Middle Ages forward. Things before that are not entirely “books” in the form that is usually thought today. Don’t get me wrong…I do enjoy clay tablets, papyrus scrolls and their ilk, I just haven’t been making them.
And So I fold paper, stitch it, sew headbands of silk, cover in leather etc. etc. I’ll show you sometime.

These will be available for your order and purchasing right quick.

I am painting with an increased ferocity. Any medium I can get my hands on. Currently, a wall in the Atlas Building is being adorned with ephemera from my brain. Also a series in oil, and a set of large mixed media pieces to be bound into an art book.

This Kickstarter will (hopefully) be submitted January 15. nearly six months after I meant to do it. timing is perfect.

I am writing.  Many songs have been working their way out. I will be posting some sort of record of these songs, maybe a linked in bandcamp thing or something? (ideas?) There is also the story of a world much like ours, though this has a far way to go before it makes it onto a computer screen.

Currently reading a text on bookbinding (not much humor in this dry peach), Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (trying to finish before judging), and The Brothers K (recommended at the time I was loaned a set of three books that completely blew my mind).

I am also learning in great leaps about the importance of a little confidence. I have for too long been afraid of fully embracing my passions, scared of admitting fear. I am not afraid anymore. Though it may be more important to me than anyone else on this here earth, I have things I need to accomplish, and I see no reason not to. So. Here we go, huh? The content of this beast (website/blog) will be growing. have patience. I am working against years of rejecting technology and all forms of this kind of stuff. I have much to catch up on.

I am using this winter to get into a better health, body and mind. The spirit follows, and doesn’t understand healthy or unhealthy. I am ready for spring.